Friday, 16 October 2015

Before purchasing the themes, please read the following conditions, made to avoid misunderstandings and to make purchasing easier:

- Every theme is demonstrated at my blog with images and a short description
about versions of Logic it works with.

- All the themes work with Mac on retina/non retina.

- I include installation instructions for every purchased theme. Please read it
closely because without correct installation a theme won't work.

- Please check the theme works with your version of Logic. If it does not - please do not purchase the theme.

- If you have any ideas for theme additions, send me an email. If the idea is good and
possible to make, I will add it to the next update.

- There is no refund after sending a theme because it's not possible to
protect theme’s files.

- If you want more example screenshots, it's not a problem. If you have any questions
connected with the themes, I will reply gladly.

- In making a purchase, you accept these terms, and I
will send a theme. If you read following purchase and do not accept the conditions, I will refund the

As of right now you're an owner of a theme in which I put a lot of work. If a
new versions of Logic appears, write to me to get an update for free.
Thanks you for purchasing a theme! You are welcomed to visit my blog!

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